Who are we?

Hermes Trust has four Trustees and one Administrator, all of whom are well acquainted with a range of enterprises based on anthroposophy. They are:

Richard MastersRichard Masters (Administrator) who has spent 25 years in social finance, including stints at Charity Bank, CAF's Investors in Society, Triodos Bank, and its predecessor Mercury Provident. He studied Accounting with Computing at the University of Kent.

Michael BalcombeMichael Balcombe who was born in New York, grew up in London, and then lived for extended periods in French Switzerland, Canada and the USA. He was educated at Dulwich College and Warwick University, after which he went on to work in the pharmaceutical industry, both as a chemist and manager. He has had a lifelong interest in aspects of social development which took him to different initiatives, including Camphill. Now semi-retired, he is a Maths and Science tutor.

Elizabeth FloeschutzElizabeth Floeschutz who has been active in anthroposophic health and social care for the past 40 years. She and her husband are the co-founding directors of the Raphael Medical Centre, the only Anthroposophic hospital in the English speaking world. Here she remains very active, and the range of services on offer continues to expand. Her particular expertise is to create therapeutic environments, both indoor and outdoor, through the use of colour and natural materials etc. Prior to her work in the medical field, she ran a number of restaurants in London and Canada, including one in the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Graham HolmanGraham Holman who retired in 1995 from a career in Local Government where he was Chief Administrative Officer in the City of London and elsewhere. He has been a member of the Christian Community and the Anthroposophical Society since the 1980s. His daughter is a music teacher in the West Country and his son a Christian Community priest in South Africa where he lives with his family.

Margaret JonasMargaret Jonas who was formerly the librarian at Rudolf Steiner House, London and also involved in administration within the Anthroposophical Society. Now retired, she is largely occupied with writing and editing anthroposophical and related works.